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Promotion unlimited data for Unifi Basic customers until Feb 15

M Update 18/1/2019 – Good news for Unifi Basic customers on the 30Mbps (megabits per second) speed plan with 60GB quota – Telekom Malaysia has announced that they will enjoy unlimited and uncapped data until Feb 15.

This promotion is being held in conjunction with the upcoming Chinese New Year festivities

If customers want to continue enjoying unlimited quota after Feb 15, TM recommends an upgrade to the Unifi 100Mbps plan for RM129 a month from Unifi Basic which costs RM79 monthly.

The company has also updated its FAQ section to clarify that it will no longer be offering set-top boxes for viewing Unifi TV to new subscribers.

The company says the move is in line with changing customers habits. Most users now prefer to watch shows while on the go with their mobile devices, it says.

Subscribers can continue to watch Unifi TV through the playtv@unifi mobile app.

Sources : The Star Online

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