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Remember there was one point in our life just past this year where we all long for a Covid-19 vaccine to quickly arrive our shore so that we could all have that sense of normalcy again? Do you also remember the last time giving your parents that long hug and kiss? Do you miss that feeling of love and joy it brings to your heart? We all might just be able to do that again, that is, if all of us as a nation is committed to be vaccinated.

Vaccination is a tool to fight against Covid-19 virus that has been causing death around the world. It has taken our loved ones away from us. Parents losing their children, children losing their parents. Families are forced to be separated from each other. Workplaces and businesses have been extremely affected. Our children are not able to continue with proper education. We have witnessed the severity this pandemic has brought to the world as it crippled our livelihood. Day by day we read in the news how businesses that have been around for many years, were forced to shut down as they were not able to hold any longer to stay afloat.

Our country need to fight back and regain from the effect of Covid-19. But to fight this long battle, it would need assistance from each and every single one of us. We have a role to play to make Malaysia rise again, and one of the ways to achieve this is to get ourselves vaccinated. The vaccination requires team effort. Globally so far, 6,141,896 doses have been administered. “Anthony Fauci, the top infectious-disease official in the U.S., has said that vaccinating 70% to 85% of the U.S. population would enable a return to normalcy.” (

In Malaysia, we have recently this week received the arrival of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, with our Prime Minister being the first person in the country to be vaccinated. There have been fears of the vaccine from some citizens. Many of the fear comes from information that might be misleading or not truly accurate. The best for is to get the right information from reliable sources.

By getting ourselves vaccinated, we are protecting ourself, and the people around us. This chain effect will enable us fight against the enemy we cannot see. People always say that love requires sacrifice.

The vaccine is a huge step and hopefully, the beginning of and end to the pandemic.

** The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of M-Update