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Why I Refuse To Believe in the Absurdity (Some) Migrated Malaysians Say About Malaysia

I have always fancied reading opinionated and long winded articles written by anonymous writers particularly those with the intention of framing Malaysia as a primitive and racist country. Labelling your birth country as such did not actually change how I and majority of Malaysians feel about this beloved country of ours.

That said, it is only befitting to have the perceived notion that these anonymous writers might not have existed after all and the articles were probably written by bitter good-for-nothings who happened to have so much free time to pass incorrect and malicious lies about Malaysia.

One recent article in particular was allegedly written by an ex-rakyat who had supposedly and admittedly benefited from all the privileges of being a Malaysian but would rather choose to migrate elsewhere much to his pleasure. His reasons were pretty much irrational and nonsensical hence it did not take long for people to debunk the myths that the writer was trying to portray about this country.

When there is absolutely nothing wrong in opting to migrate, I strongly believe that it is also unnecessary to display your hatred towards the country and forcing others to swallow your exasperation. With or without your existence, Malaysia and Malaysians are doing just absolutely fine and dandy.

While you are elsewhere battling the weather and augmented racism (yes, contrary to popular belief, Malaysia is not even listed amongst the most racist countries in the world!), the rakyat have never failed to uphold Malaysia’s sovereignty while enjoying the richly unique culture and diversity.

Even at the height of the most devastating floods disaster, deadliest to hit our country in recent times, we can only witness the love and care that we have for each other. From the government aids and assistance to the volunteers and frontliners, all have shown selfless responsibility, mutual understanding and respect to put the people and their needs first.

No country is ever so perfect. And no one is forcing you to stay or migrate either. It is your choice to lead your life the way that you desire. It is a bitter pill to swallow but just remember that the moment that you have made the decision to renounce your citizenship, hundreds and even thousands of people are flocking into this country and are in the process of migrating here too.

Just do us a big favour of not labelling the country as too Islamic or too racist when Malaysia was not even listed in the worst countries for neither religious freedom nor racial equality ever. Where on earth can you find all races profiting from the privileges of shared wealth and prosperity? We have got vernacular schools and allocations for them and that the wealthiest of the wealthiest people in the country are not even Bumiputera? I truly hate to stoop that low to put some sense into these ungrateful Malaysians but sometimes I feel that these people need to be given the cold hard facts before they resume with slanderous lies to bring down this country.

Finally, a kind advice to all Malaysians out there, do not believe a 100% of things you read online and it is much obliged to factcheck before you fall into the trap of spiteful and bitter individuals who do not even belong here, in Malaysia.

** The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of M-Update