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By : The LuckyJebat

Malaysia is blessed with its strategic location at the center of the world civilizations ever since time immemorial. Being the center of global trade activities, social interaction and cross-ethnic integration has made Malaysia a melting pot of culture from various origins. Some assimilation is driven by conquest of power. Some are from religious missionaries. Some are from the establishment of colonies along the coastal trading post which eventually integrated into the local population. Fishing villages became small towns then expanded to become cites with local flavors with of influences from oriental & western cultures. 

As the civilization progress statehood are established and government administers day to day activities by having rules and regulation. Small local governing bodies became kingdom and some eventually became empire. Some state was even administered by global merchant that set their foot in this part of the globe. At some stage, governance of state transited from ruled by monarchy to became a republic or a democratic entity. Colonization by western powers and neighboring states has shaped up what define the pre-independent Malaysia. The uniqueness of Malaysia is that our democracy is inherited from the various type of administration which was consolidated into a federation. The independence was achieved with the nation was formed by shared democratic power of the citizens and the Malay Rulers when Federation of Malaya was established. The former Straits Settlements States with no Sultans at that time was integrated and accepted the Yang Di Pertuan Agong as the Head of State. When Federation of Malaya expanded to became Federation of Malaysia in 1963, this principle of Constitutional Monarch was also accepted when Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore join the big family. 

The balanced of power was achieved through the trinity of Legislative, Executive and Judiciary segregation. A unique check and balance system that immortalized in the Federal Constitution. The balance of power ensures the rights of every citizens are safeguarded by the principles stated and agreed upon collectively when our founding fathers and mothers agreed to walk the journey of the nationhood. The journey continues until now and we are responsible in setting the path beyond together as a nation.

Looking back, we Malaysian has reaps the rewards through the wisdom of our founding fathers and mothers. While there as been various challenges, ups and downs, we have proven ourselves that unity which bonds us together has tested through the good times and difficult times. We have stand together as a nation with rich history and underlaying factors that shaped us today. People has been plying our waters to seeking wealth, well-being, honor and divine purposes for thousands of years. Upon reaching our shores, the reward of the journey not only beneficial to the merchants, explorers and adventurers, but it also brings prosperity to the local people. The peaceful co-existence of local ethnics and immigrants is key to our progress. This great nation was built with collective effort and respect to each other driven by humans need to survive and flourish. These respects shall be seen thoroughly, collectively and inclusively by understanding our nation’s great history. The tolerance and sacrifices made by many Sultans, statesmen and commoners are monumental in making what we are today. And these shall not be forgotten. 

The footprints on the sands may washes away by the sea waves sooner rather than later. But the sun, the sea and the sand stays. And we Malaysian are also here to stay as this is our Nation that was inherited to us by our founding father and mothers through the pillars of values that has been written in the Federal Constitution. And we should pass these values to our children and children of theirs with the same wisdom of unity that our founding fathers and mothers has built upon. Bersekutu Bertambah Mutu.