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I am sorry..

M Update, 25/1/2019 – The driver of a Toyota Vios involved in Sunday’s Penang Bridge crash openly wept and repeatedly apologised to police as he provided his statement yesterday, after surrendering to the authorities on Wednesday.

“I am sorry to everyone. I regret what happened,” the 21-year-old hairstylist said incessantly, as he had his statement recorded.

It is learnt that the man (whose name is being withheld), burst into tears as soon as he was asked about the accident.

The eldest of three siblings faces a possible two to 10-year jail sentence and a fine of between RM5,000 and RM20,000 if found guilty of causing the accident.

The case is being investigated under Section 41(1) of the Road Transport Act 1987 for reckless driving causing death.

According to a source, the driver and 20-year-old student Moey Yun Peng, who was killed in the accident, had been friends for about a year.

“As soon as (the Vios driver) was told of Moey’s death (while being treated for injuries), he became dejected and sad,” the source added.

Moey’s Mazda CX-5 sports utility vehicle (SUV), which was rammed by the speeding Toyota Vios, plunged off the Penang Bridge and into the sea at 2.54am on Sunday.

After a three-day search and rescue (SAR) operation, the SUV was successfully winched out from the water at 6pm on Tuesday, with Moey still strapped to the driver’s seat.

Moey’s remains were cremated at the Berapit crematorium at about 11.30am yesterday.

The Vios driver surrendered to police early Wednesday morning.

Source : NST

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