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Mercy Malaysia calls on medical volunteers

M Update, 15/3/2019 – Mercy Malaysia is calling for volunteers with medical expertise to help with the toxic dumping incident in Pasir Gudang.

The NGO sent out a request for doctors, nurses and pharmacists who could assist in the relief efforts there. There is an urgent need for medical care for the people affected,” the NGO said on its Facebook page yesterday.

It added that Mercy Malaysia’s response team had been on the ground since Wednesday. It said interested volunteers could email to register their willingness to help.

Mercy Malaysia also gave safety and health tips for people in the vicinity. It urged people to avoid entering the polluted area, to use only treated water, to shower right after returning home from the outdoors and to wash clothes that have been worn outdoors separately from other clothes.

Those with sore eyes, sore throats, chest pains and breathing difficulties were also advised to seek medical attention.

Sources : The Star Online

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