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Vaccination Experience

“So what time are we supposed to be at the vaccination centre tomorrow?” This, was uttered by my 73-year-old dad. Told him we need to be there at least 30 mins prior to the appointment time, and the next morning, he was all geared up to go.

So, on June 3rd, my dad was set for his appointment at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre. He was scheduled for the 10:30 a.m. slot, so we started our journey from our house in Shah Alam at around 9:00 a.m. Reached the parking bay (which is located at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Centre) at around 9:20 a.m. and headed straight to level CP3 (Convention Centre’s main entrance). Parking was quite an ease and ample as it was still early in the morning. Once parked, we headed to the main entrance and was greeted by personnel taking charge of the area that time. Friendly. We waited less than 5 minutes before being requested to walk into the Convention Centre’s main entrance.

Once in, we had our MySejahtera checked in, and proceeded to the upper floor to fill up the form (you may download, print out and fill in the ‘Vaccine Consent form’ from MySejahtera’s app prior to the appointment date. I’d advise you do that to expedite things. But if you don’t, fret not as the form process at the hall is pretty fast too, and ample comfortable banquet chairs to sit on. Just don’t forget to bring your own pen!) 

Being a convention centre, the space was able to hold huge capacity at a time. So once the form has been filled up, we then entered into a “holding hall.” This took about 20 minutes. We didn’t really mind as it was comfortable and cooling, and the personnel in charge was very diligent informing us to check and recheck our MySejahtera to ensure we are indeed at the correct PPV Centre (so a pointer, please do check yours, or your parents MySejahtera app few days prior to ensure it’s the right PPV). It was here that I saw and said to myself, “wow, there’s so many senior citizens here taking the vaccination, what a hero.”

20 minutes up, and we were next ushered to another “holding area” which was located just next to the first holding area. Here, we waited for another 10 minutes. Kudos to those who were getting vaccinated that day as up to this point, no one made fuss and were cooperative.  I guess people understood all the personnel were doing their level best to ensure everyone receive their jabs soonest.

After which, we were then asked to go a floor down using the escalator heading to the main vaccination hall. So, for those who are accompanying their parents/spouse/etc, you can get a bit more comfortable as there is a booth that sells hot beverages with simple snacks. Or even for your own self once you’re done with the jab. Go treat yourself!

So once we’re down the hall, there was a 5 minutes wait before we could enter the main hall. Yes, it might sound tiring with all the waiting and holding, but trust me, it wasn’t tiring at all. It was so far a very much comfortable process. When we’re inside the main hall, there was a simple assessment check point. Here, the personnel asked my dad few basic health related questions and this was the first point your information are key-ed in.

The simple assessment didn’t take long and we headed straight to the next counter for a doctor’s consultation. At this point, the doctor’s consultation session was done in a group of 4 people. I assume it was done in such a way to expedite the whole process and not cause bottle neck. My dad and the other 3 people (who were all senior citizens) were lucky to have received this particular doctor as she was very friendly. Basically the doctor asked if anyone was on any medical condition, etc, you know, the normal doctor stuff. 

Then off we go for the jab. A simple and quick process. No queue as there were a lot of vaccination booth in the hall. My dad waited for about 2 minutes outside the booth before being called for the shot.

The final check point was the monitoring area whereby you have to sit there for about 10 – 15 minutes to allow your body accustom to the vaccine. All in all, it was a simple, quick and comfortable experience. My dad got himself vaccinated, and he is 73 this year. Yes, we do hear a lot of information out there of the major side effects, etc. Yes, of course we’re somehow affected by the news as it’s our body after all. But, facts from legit sources are the ones we should be paying attention to now. Fact check is important. So when I saw that day, of which majority of whom are of senior citizens taking the jab, I could not help but feel emotional. They did it. They’ve set the ground right for us because surely, we all long for that hug from our parents, and they too long for that hug from their children and grandchildren. And that’s achievable.

** The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of M-Update