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Year Three textbook content encourages victim shaming

PETALING JAYA: Parents are upset that a Year Three textbook being used in national primary schools is teaching girls that they would be ostracised and bring disrepute to their families should they not guard their modesty and sexuality.

They said this was akin to victim shaming.

The page inside the “Pendidikan Jasmani dan Kesihatan” textbook starts off by telling the story of a girl named Amira who “takes care of her sexual parts” by covering up, closing the doors when changing clothes and not walking alone in secluded areas.

Then, it goes on to say that if Amira does not take care, she would be shamed and her emotions would be disturbed, and she ostracised by friends and bring disrepute to her family.

Deputy Minister of Women, Community and Family Development Hannah Yeoh said such content had to be reviewed by the Ministry of Education to remove elements of victim blaming and shaming.

“It is important to ensure sex education balances both the need to safeguard and protect oneself and, at the same time, (teaches) students to respect others, too.

“Blaming and shaming girls cannot be right. This is 2019. Boys need to be taught how to respect girls too,” said Yeoh.

The Facebook post is now being shared on social media.  – The Star Online

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