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Farming the solar way

M Update 28/1/2019 – The Kedah State Department of Agriculture is expected to be able to address water supply problems in agricultural areas, especially during the dry periods, with the solar tube wells.

Chairman of the Agriculture and Agro-Based, Transport and Primary Industry Committee Azman Nasrudin, said the system was used at the Charok Padang Training Centre as reference.

“The system is capable of producing 1,140 liters of water in just one hour, and it used to water over 1,200 trees at the training centre, like durians. “This system is able to save energy because it does not use electricity, as well as addressing irrigation problems, especially in areas that have difficulties in getting water supply,” he added.

The state government encourages large-scale farm operators to use this system as it helps to get water supply easily. “At around RM200,000, the cost might be a bit high …. the solar panels are not that expensive, it’s the cost to dig up to reach the source of water that is high.

“In the long run, it will generate good returns to farmers,” he said. So far, four farm operators in the state are using the system, he added. “Those who are interested can contact the Department of Agriculture directly for advice. “In future, the state government will arrange for a subsidy for farmers who are keen to use the system,” he said. – New Straits Times

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