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Herd Immunity: Labuan, congrats!

Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan has exceeded beyond expectation when it became the first territory in Malaysia to achieve herd immunity status, few days above the target date of 30th July 2021. Labuan was able to complete the 80% vaccination rate, vaccinating 54800 out of 68500 of its adult residents that were eligible to be vaccinated under the PICK programme.

PICK, which was launched in Labuan by Senator Bashir Alias on 27th February 2021 saw 97.5% of its adult residents receiving at least their first dose of vaccine.

Setting a good example, Labuan’s effort must be applauded for as the territory was the first in the country to experience Delta variant when it hits the nation, with 9608 record high positive cases, resulting to 146 deaths. The authorities, front liners and its residents have shown great commitment in efforts to reach herd immunity status.

Perhaps the understanding and realization that Covid-19 virus might not disappear anytime soon and learning the fact that we might have to live alongside with the virus, are one of the reasons why the community is fast in responding to the vaccination effort and herd immunity status. That was key to Labuan’s achievement, according to Labuan’s Health Director.

A pat in the back to Labuan for this massive achievement. May this success story be an example and stepping stone to other states in Malaysia to follow through the nation’s effort to achieving herd immunity status. Together, we can fight this virus.

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