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Fire department gives survival tips should vehicle fall into water

M Update 24/1/2019 – Do not panic and act quickly to save yourself if your vehicle plunges into water or the sea, says Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia director-general Datuk Mohammad Hamdan Wahid (pic).

The first thing to do is to unfasten the seat belt to allow smooth movement in the limited space and take a deep breath before getting out of the car immediately.

“If the vehicle starts to sink, do not try to open the driver’s door because the water pressure will make it difficult to push it open. This will be a waste of time and it will be more difficult to escape,”.

He said the victim must wind down the driver’s seat window or on the passenger’s side – if possible – to get out.

If this was not possible of if the door was damaged, the victim should use a hard sharp object – such as the metal part of the head rest – on the corners of the window to break it.

“Do not try to break the front windshield as it will be difficult to do so.

“Push the broken glass pieces with your legs and swim out to the water surface to get help.

“Remove your clothes and shoes if they are dragging you down to make it easier to swim,” he added.

Sources : Bernama

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